Living with a cat in an apartment

Tips for caring and cleaning

Are you a cat owner who lives in an apartment? The confined space can lead to many problems. From picking the right spot for your pet cat to live to preventing the kitty litter from creating a terrible odor. Living with a cat in an apartment is easier said than done, but it isn’t that difficult either. Whether you have a small apartment or a big one, taking care of a cat is crucial for their well-being as well as yours.

To live with a cat in an apartment, narrow spaces and open balconies must be sealed. The kitty litter should be cleaned as soon as there is odor. In the same way, developing a regular cleaning schedule for the entire apartment will make it void of dust and cat hair. 

1. Secure the balcony

This is the most basic step if you live at a very high place. Here are a few tips to make your balcony kitty-free:

  • If the path to your balcony has doors, seal it every time. 

  • Do you have an open-air balcony? Cover it with solid grilling, it’s better than installing a net which may wear out or get ripped apart by your cat.

Pro-Tip: Remove any spiky things from your balcony. You wouldn’t want your pet cat accidentally harming themselves.

2. Secure other spots in the apartment

It’s not only the balcony that you need to secure. Once you’re done with it, have a close look at other spots in the apartment. Have you installed a small trap door for your cat? Does your kitchen space have a narrow window from which your cat can slide through? You would need to look in every nook and cranny to assure you’re not missing out on your cat’s safety.

Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Windows that don’t close completely.
  • Doors that can open easily by a bit of pushing.
  • Remove spiky objects or things that could hurt your cat.
  • Protect exposed electricity sockets or suffocating spaces.

It’s best to keep a designated area for your cat to live in. It could be a separate room or even the balcony if you’ve protected it well enough. Your cat doesn’t have to be in their space 24/7 but only when they’re either sleeping or resting for most of the time. 

3. Choose a suitable kitty litter

When living in a house with a garden space, you can have more options. For instance, your cat can go out in the garden whenever they want to poop. But when it comes to living with a cat in an apartment, you would need to pick the space carefully because you would need cat or kitty litter. And having that around hangout areas means frequent odor.

So it’s best to place the kitty litter in either the balcony or in the bathroom. Choose the balcony only if you have completely protected the space. And that’s all there is to the stinging smell. But what about the aesthetics?

If you have a tiny apartment, you will need to hide the litter to make the space look beautiful. Don’t keep it in an apparent place and also, use kitty litter bags to dispose of the waste regularly.

4. Invest in space-friendly entertainment

Every pet needs to play. Limited space shouldn’t come in the way for your cat to get the entertainment they deserve. Here are some tips to make the most out of your cat’s play:

  • Buy toys that don’t make a lot of noise. Small soft plushies are an excellent choice for your cat to play with. Otherwise, you may get to hear complaints from your neighbors more often.

  • Get ‘smart’ toys for your pet cat. Living in a confined space can make your cat’s brain freeze. So visually stimulating and engaging toys can help them stay mentally active. Here are a couple of them for you to try out.

  • Your cat would also need physical entertainment. They would need some perches to be able to jump around. Buying cat towers of various heights for your cat is the best way to go.

Having toys for your pet will keep them busy. They’ll enjoy burying their paws and claws deep into the small things you pick out particularly for them. So, you can expect them not to ruin those lovely sofas or other charming home decor items! Getting a cat box is also a good way to give your cat their well-deserved space!

5. Develop a regular cleaning schedule

Last but not least, you would need to have a regular cleaning schedule for your pet cat. Here’s what you need to make a part of the cleaning schedule for your cat:

  • Is your apartment floor carpeted? If yes, get a vacuum cleaner if you don’t have it already. Since cats shed a lot of hair, you would need to do thorough regular cleaning.

  • Get rid of the litter as soon as there’s even a bit of smell. Use a scoop to remove the soil and have some garbage bags at the ready.

  • Keep the space dust-free. It will protect you and your cat from developing allergies. Along with vacuum cleaning, use a misting spray bottle and 

Remember to keep your cat in a separate room or space while you’re cleaning up the apartment. You wouldn’t want them to sneeze! 


First things first, seal off the balcony if it’s open. You can do this by grilling or net, although the former is more rigid and durable. Similarly, you would need to close any narrow spaces in your apartment from where your cat can easily escape outside. 

For the toys, it’s best to get soft ones, along with the mentally stimulating ones. But don’t forget that your cat would need physical entertainment too and for this, installing cat towers of various heights is your best bet.

Lastly, don’t forget to follow a regular cleaning schedule for both your cat and apartment. You wouldn’t want hairballs lying around the home or you and your pet cat getting allergies from all the dust gathering up. 

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