Zolux Arabesque Ines Cage 40 cm

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Bird Cage suitable for canaries and mandarins.
Equipped with 2 x Feeders, 2 perches, 1 Swing
Easy to clean with its removable 2 drawers


Cage Arabesque Ines 40 cm. Cage appropriate for canaries, mandarins. Options: 2 x feeders, 2 perches, 1 swing, 2 drawers out tray too which makes cleaning Simple. Made in Europe. Epoxy Paint Freed from lead and polypropylene copolymer plastic. Diameter of bar: 1.5 mm. Distance between bars: 10 mm. The epoxy paint is an oil painting used for its prime resistance. Form of plastic is appropriate for all contact with food. Outer dimensions: L x W x H 43x43x52 cm. Internal dimensions: L x W x H: 31x31x44 cm.

Bird Cage appropriate for canaries and mandarins.
Provided with 2 x Feeders, 2 perches, 1 Swing
Simple to scrub with its removable 2 drawers
Exterior Measurement: 43 x 43 x 52 cm
Inner dimensions: 31 cm x Width 31 cm x Depth 44 cm



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